About us


Forgive To Forget (Abbreviated F2F) is a pop-rock band from the province of Granada (Andalusia, Spain) created by the brothers José Manuel Serrano Jiménez and Jesús Serrano Jiménez, better known by their artistic names “Joey Damned” and ” Gsus Ablaze. ”

At the moment the band is formed by:

  • José Manuel Serrano Jiménez “Joey Damned” (Lead vocal, guitar and choirs)
  • Jesús Serrano Jiménez “Gsus Ablaze” (Drums, percussion and primary choirs)
  • Brandon Paul Vaca Mosquera “Aiden Wolfheart” (Bass and secondary choruses)

Forgive To Forget was born on February 11, 2014 as a last means of escape for the brothers, who gave that name to the band because of their philosophy of life based on “we have to forgive so we can forget”. After creating the band, they compose an EP, launching their first advance on December 21, 2014, called “Wherever You Are” through the various digital platforms.

Later, F2F completes the band and release their first video “Crazy” through the Youtube channel “Blank TV”, premiered by an acoustic performance at the music store “Musical Guima” (Granada), followed by the premiere of the EP “Wherever” You Are EP “that premiered a few days later having a very good acceptance among the public.


There is a growth of the band as a result of the publication of his second videoclip “Burn”, premiered with the record label Avispa Music and recorded with Ernesto Cabello, guitarist of the Granada band Hora Zulú, which in three months came to surpass the 40,000 views on YouTube.

The band has appeared on numerous blogs / pages (Dying Scene, Metalcry, MusicMatchSpain ..) newspapers (Ideal, Granada Digital …), radios (Agorasol 4 Radio, Loud, Fast and Sh * tty Radio Show), and magazines like “La Heavy” by Mariskal Rock, where they received a five and a half star rating of six, plus a good critique of the EP.

On the other hand, the band has participated in numerous concerts and festivals both outside and inside the province due to the two tours (CrazyTour and Burn Tour) sharing the stage with groups like Lori Meyers, Medina Azahara, Celtas Cortos, etc, besides to be semifinalists in the Forum Music contest 2016, to obtain the 2nd place in the Granada Emerging Bands contest (organized by Fender and Musimaster) and to be winners of the 51st Alhama Festival Edition.